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Perhaps the most anomalous five minutes of my life evar.

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Nov. 4th, 2007 | 12:19 am
ubi est Sextus?: in bed
how i'm rollin': groggy groggy
tonight's threnody: Moonage Daydream -> David Bowie

RANDOM GIRL ON LEASH: *manical laughter*
LADY WHO LOOKS LIKE CARLY FROM TALLADEGA NIGHTS: (to family) I ain't puttin' y'all on no dog leashes, that's for sure. Ding dang!
GRANDPA BOB: Hey, do you think we could go to the bathroom in that "Burning Bush" Bible bookstore joint?
MOM: *laughs, then trips and falls down*
RANDOM GOD SQUAD LADY: Beware the wrath of the Lord! Do not blaspheme!
MOM: I guess I was just smited...
GRANDPA BOB: It's "smote".
MADELEINE: Dude! You gotta see this painting! *whips out camera and scrolls to picture of  this tiger that is pretty much having buttsex with this unicorn, and the unicorn's face is like -give it to me baby, uh huh-, and there are these other tigers and horses, like, crowding around to watch*
GUY IN BRIGHT YELLOW SUIT AND UNCLE SAM HAT OUTSIDE OF BARBECUE RESTAURANT: *pulls Grandpa Bob over* The Lord will surely bless you if you eat at Colonel Poole's.
DAD: So, I hear Bee Movie was critically panned...
ROADSIGN: Jesus saves cherry logs.

*whistles Joe Cuba style* I never go back to Georgia, I never go back...

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