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o hajime, my billet-doux for thee knows no bounds~

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Dec. 9th, 2007 | 07:18 pm
ubi est Sextus?: fantasyland
how i'm rollin': high on lurrrrve high on lurrrrve
tonight's threnody: Carmina Burana- O Fortuna- Orff


* St. Rudolph Junior High School: 3rd year 1st class No. 21
* birthday (sign): May 27 (Gemini)
* blood type: B
* special move: data tennis


* committee: dormitory administration committee
* least favorite subject: calligraphy (because his hands get dirty)
* most frequented spot on campus: library, file room
* elementary school: Yamagata Prefecture Zaoukita Elementary
* allowance spent on: tableware, food
* motto: Know thy enemy, know thyself, and face a hundred battles without fear
* favorite movie: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
* favorite book: book on chemistry
* favorite music: guitar music by Narciso Yepes
* where to go on a date: a stylish café in the mood of a royal British estate
* most desired item of the moment: a tea set in the Rococo style
* daily routine: an observation diary on roses
* least favorite thing: dirty things, dust and pollen (allergies)
* special non-tennis skills: singing (opera)

His motto is: "Know thy enemy, know thyself, and face a hundred battles without fear"

He gathers information with his sharp observation skills!! Mizuki brings Yuuta to see a match, for Yuuta bears on his shoulders the future of his team. He believes that knowing all there is to know about his enemies holds the key to victory. It is in his character that he would never miss a chance to see a match played by Fuji, who defeated him once.

His favorite saying is "Nfu"

What kind of deep thought is hidden behind his proper manner of speech, that is atypical of a junior high student? His periodic "nfu" and "nnn---" leaves one with the impression that one should not let his guard down around him. It's used to block out surrounding noise and gives him time to assess the situation.

Personal data:

height: 166 cm
weight: 52 kg
shoe size: 25.5 cm
vision: right/left 1.0
number of PC's purchased: 6

He always uses the latest computer to analyze his data!! Mizuki is always aiming for "best performance," and so whenever a new model comes out, he buys a new computer. He sells the old one and uses the funds to buy a new one.

Yanagisawa's bit of trivia on Mizuki!!

"He always goes to the dorm baths by himself, dane. We'd invite him along to come join us, but Mizuki always turns us down, dane. I'm not gonna invite him anymore, dane."

Rivals speak about Mizuki!

from Fuji Syusuke: "My brother's always under your care. It seems Yuuta has gotten more skilled since then. Is it because of you? *chuckles*..."

from Dan Taichi: "It's amazing that you can work both as manager and athlete! Even if I become a team member, I want to continue collecting data, desu."

from Yanagi Renji: "Data tennis is something that can only be accomplished by reaching Meikyoushisui. But he seems to be quite the emotional type..."

[ Meikyoushisui - A serene state of mind, "like a cloudless mirror and placid water." This is the quote that Sanada wrote for Renji, which he hasn't given to him yet. (It's in his bag check). ]

Yamagata Prefecture

Located on the banks of the Sea of Japan, Yamagata Prefecture is in a locale where one can leisurely engage in thoughtful endeavors. For this reason, Takayama Chogyou or Saito Mokichi and many other writers and thinkers originated here. The residents are all relaxed in personality and tend to dislike conflict. Those like Mizuki who were raised by the sea and not inland, tend to be socially graceful and personable. He might speak coolly usually, but deep down he is a very kind and compassionate person. He also has a part of him that is diligent and passionate about research, with an aptitude for logical thinking, and is thus talented at persuasion. He's also a earnest and wholehearted scholar, so he also may experience difficulties bouncing back after failure.


ASPLGNBXFGHRHT Mizuki. Marry me, you sesquipedaelian palabrus.

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From: tricolores
Date: Dec. 10th, 2007 03:20 am (UTC)
go ahead and flatter meh


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From: c_for_cremation
Date: Jan. 24th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
go ahead and flatter meh

don't thank me, thank Konomi-sensei. <33

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