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This is illogical.

but then again, so is your face.

Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors
Salutations, fellow Paracelsi. I'm an edgy little Edwardian who created this sucka for the sole purposes of joining tenipuri_rating, gaining access to the f-locked prose of the general vulgus, and *maybe* posting an icon or two.

...in short, don't expect a whole lot.

advertising, alphonse, alpine joe, amnesia!fic, analysis, andy warhol, anime, assimilation tubes, being a language geek, being contemplative, being in the spotlight, being scottish, being snarky, belle and sebastian, betsey johnson, bishonen, boarding school, bodyswitch!fic, braids, cacti, carmina burana, catholic schoolboys, charlie and lola, chasing perfection, competition, confusing people w/big words, converse, cosplay, data, debate, deviously smiling, dirty pair, doodling in class, edward, effeminacy, evil schemes, fake botox, fashion design, fatalism, french pop, french toast, fuji syusuke, fuji yumiko, fuji yuuta, fujimizu, fullmetal alchemist, gakky, gangsta!fudomine, genki, gnomes, grapekas, gwen stefani, hair twirling, hello kitty, hey dairy farmer, hitachiincest, hoodies, house md, hyuugacest, i'm in your closet, japanese cow candy, jeeves and wooster, jockin' on darth vader, joisey accents, katsu no wa hyotei, kitties, latin, lip gloss, lobster tempura, lolita, love hina, loyal army, lupuses, manga, melodrama, messenger bags, mizukaliciousness, mizuki hajime, mr. mackey, my camera, my laptop, my soul hurts, my stripey shirt, my totoro hat, nanny mcphee, naruto, neji, nerd camp, nerd-dom, new york, nfu-ism, not having braces, nutella crepes, o my papa, odysseus w/ oven mitts, oh infans, old school, one piece, opera, ouran, oxford shirts, pimp my shrimper, pokeymanz, polysics, power pop, prince o' tennis, professor snape, psychology, pure white, random kaidoh fetish, rehab, rory n'shane, sabado gigante, saint rudolph, screechy orphans, seed of wonder, sextus, sexy nuns, shiozawa from tenimyu, shonen knife, show tunes, slave!for mizuki, south park, spermy the whale, success, superuke!mizuki, swim team, team rocket, teh sweater, tenipuri, tennis, tezuka zone magical omelet, the borg, the dahck boat, the good old days, the minister's cat, the purple lake o'desolation, the sat, the south of france, theory, ties, tim's harry potter glasses, tokidoki, twins, uke sandwich, yummi, yuushi, yuutaxmizuki, yuuuuuta-kun, ziggy stardust